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Know everything about the New Scorpio Automatic
Home » Mahindra & Mahindra » Know everything about the New Scorpio Automatic
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Last updated: Thursday, October 15, 2009

scorpio automatic

Mahindra launched its first Automatic version of its flagship SUV Scorpio back on Sep 24th. The new Automatic will have a 6-speed fully automatic gearbox which is matter with the 2.2L mHawk engine.

The new Automatic costs Rs. 10.2 Lakhs Ex-showroom Delhi, to know the price of the various Scorpio variant in various Indian cities click here.

Here are the different modes in the new Automatic Scorpio:

User Engaged Modes

• Normal Mode ‘N’ – for ordinary driving conditions
• Winter Mode ‘W’ – for slippery or unstable road conditions
• Manual/Engine Brake Mode ‘M’ – for better vehicle control on steep downhill descents

Auto Engaged Modes

• Uphill and Downhill Modes – detects the gradient automatically for relevant shift schedule
• Fast-Off Mode – avoids rapid gear shifts in case of quick pedal release

Safety Features

• Overheat protection
• Reverse Lock Out – locks the reverse drive till predefined safety conditions are met.
• Brake Transmission Shift Interlock (BTSI) – prevents gear lever coming out of ‘Park’ (P) position unless brake pedal is depressed


• Doesn’t feel as quick as a manual but reached 100kmph just half a second slower than the manual
• Mileage: 12.7kms on the highway and 10.2kms on city traffic
• In N-mode the gear box short shifts at 2500rpm
• In M-mode the gear shifts at high revs which feels powerful
• In M-mode the car climbs an elevation of 35 degree with out much drama
• When the speed is reduced the gearbox shifts down couple of gears to be able to get the acceleration when u put the foot down.
• In W-mode the gearbox starts the car at 2nd gear to avoid the wheel spin due to slippery conditions.
• But the big blunder of the gearbox can be experienced when you take corners. if you don’t maintain constant speed, the gear shift and it becomes annoying.

(Based on various road tests conducted by fellow gear-heads)


Image Gallery:
mahindra-scorpio-automatic-transmission Dead-Front Bonnet-Scoop

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